Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Apps adding zing to Brand

Apple is an iconic brand, but what differentiated it to be in that phenomenal club of brands was its cutting edge technology and technology and technology. I just tried to cover everything when I said technology. And for last few years there are similar brands in the handheld technology segment ,  churning out new version and upgrades and form factors from their stable. But the how long , yes not any more . Not anymore consumer would be so fascinated by the look that is on diet … because you see we have a NOTE by Samsung which is little to sleek and little too big for my pocket. Still it is fascinating! Why … well the write up till now seems to me as if I am talking about the hardware form factor dynamics in the mobile market. Certainly not!.

We should observe that mobile and PCs are no longer a reason for customer choice , only because you are a great brand ,as nowadays everyone is hiring TQM leaders in their R&D and providing best in class in their best in the price segment. Brand is no longer identified in the minds of the consumer in the technology segment. It is the APPLICATION and the attached services which would and is creating all the differences to that sleekest handheld device in your hand.

To give straight explanation of the above, let me as consumer share my thoughts. Some of the brands which I associate with its software OS  platform are:

Samsung / HTC / GOOGLE / Motorola ---------- Android
NOKIA -----------  Windows mobile and Nokia OS
Apple -------------     iOS
Blackberry ------------    BB OS ( QNX launched Q1 FY12)

Now why I will buy Samsung …because I like Android phones, there are so many options and its cheaper than Apple

Apple coz I like iOSlllll  and it has cool application , and ya I have money ;)

Blackberry coz I am very smart and I have the BBM power

Nokia  because I like Nokia

So those were some very raw possibilities of consumer  purchasing behavior . Then comes some of the economic factor like price and miro factor color , style, etc.

What I wanted to highlight is that APPs are the factor which would give brand a sustainable push in the market going forward. We see ads in all forms of commercials talking only about the APPs in the products and any slightest differences are definitely making news and views and of course a boost in the brand equity.

Another new technology in the apps word is the cloud technology. This is again would be a strategic for many brands in coming days. Apple is already talking about the cloud service in its iPhone 4S. 

Another trend coming in my mind is the mobile technology space is the security/ anti virus applications for handheld device. Kespersky are the only one which is already in my mind which started early with its commercials for Antivirus software for mobile phones (specially in India)

Similar ways there are many apps in game and entertainment segment , finance etc which are creating their ow identity which big brands are using it to co-Brand with their product to up stick sales….

So isn’t this a new trend in the brand management …. Hopefully !!!


ಭಾಶೇ said...

Wow! Interesting one... after a while.

Did the new iPhone add inspired this one?

iDeb said...

yes and no.... this thought was there in my mind for quite smtm...i just typed the other day...busy u c :)