Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yeah, again Gandhi is obsessing me...and the brand community...I was reading the ET today and a article strike me, was all about the Gandhi.... as a case for in point "Mont Blanc” is going the Gandhi way...however, the only difference is that there is ROI attached for every piece of 241 pen they are going to get sell.

LETS not deviate from the topic....I believe is there a whole new kind of marketing propaganda ushering in the market...call it trendsetter...atleast in India. Propaganda bcoz it is not tested (I believe)...and will it work....man it’s just a pen ... or leave it to self actualization.

From marketing prospective why not extend the human personalities into brand and do the Che Guevara way ...again there are fear of misuse and category killing effect....
I m also not sure how many of these 241 pens would react in the minds of the "the consumers" but one interesting point Mr. Tushar Gandhi made and was quoted in that ET (Brand Equity) article was and I quote again

"He would sell his autograph for Rs 5 which he gave to the khadi fund,” says Tushar Gandhi. Gandhi himself was well aware of his brand value.

Anyways, let the course of time decide how it sells … in a big market called India which is now in itself

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

brand GANDHI

When we think of a product, we tend to think of a brand and subconsciously our mind gets involved in the brand projected towards the product. To ascertain my thought in the generalized situation ,I am sure; if asked about soap or chocolate probable response would be either Lux or Dove (if asked to a lady) etc, for soap and may be Cadbury for chocolate. Similarly if we need to think of mobile phone in India it’s definitely Nokia which strikes in our mind instantly. Brand gives familiar identity of the product.
As a mater of fact, brand is intangible product which simulates in the mind of a customer before it really gets sold. It is like mind over matters, akin to the Indian politics , where we are put to simulated situation before it converts to reality and the projections are so meticulously and lucratively branded making election feel like a product and people exercise their franchise with lot of enthusiasm as if to realize benefit of the product immediately after election .

The recent result of the Lok Sabha Election 2009 is the greatest testimony to illustrate my argument. Like Zoozoos to Vodafone, its Gandhis to Congress. Brand matters, however,brand building is also an aspect for the brand to come as winner and if we go back to history of Indian politics we have only few prominent charismatic personality in our mind. Prominent among them are Netaji Subash Bose, Gandhiji and the Nehru family which dominated post independence Indian politics. Further, it’s the family lineage that works wonder as in case of Rahul Gandhi win over the psyche of the population. The brand Gandhi was predominant across all ages, castes, and above all among different political parties which joined the bandwagon. It was a sheer victory of brand in the minds of the beneficiaries i.e. constituent domiciles, the people of India, at large. Congress party, just like any company, campaigned the ambisously planned product called Rahul as a youth leader; someone who is willing to understand the generation next of India. The strategy was well above the agenda which the congress party had put forward during the campaign and the result is a clear mandate by the people of the nation. From a brand prospective it is certitude win of priceless brand at the cost of the product i.e Congress party (confusing)

Although it is debatable, “Is Brand Congress usurped by Brand Gandhi?” However, going by the results whether it is Rahul and Sonia or Varun and Menka they all won from their respective constituencies. Irrespective of a winning or the loosing party, brand Gandhi was victories in all politically correct grounds. Moreover, it is nobody’s fault- but as a nation we always look for an idol, a demi–God to follow or worship at every moment which turned out to be unprecedented one. Also if we consider other than Congress they all lack brilliance in the brand value to influence enormous geographical area or the ambassador of deliverable identity even though they all had an agenda well recited and well documented. It was indeed the success of brand and the constant phenomenon called ‘change’.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cluster Branding

I am sick of the word “Economic Downturn” but I / we can’t abate myself/ our self with the effect of it either directly or indirectly. Branding is critical to both marketing and the company’s budget. To make your brand vocal and communicate the offering of your company one need to brand and re-brand. Succumb to situation companies are cutting down its cost of operations be it branding, this in return affecting the advertising and brand management companies. Advertising companies are finding it difficult maintain the CRM in the low cost strategy. Now how you reduce cost in the already reduced clientele.
What i would suggest and foresee is to open a new channel of brand management strategy. Whatever one may call , well i call it Cluster Branding and I will define it as a symbiotic branding strategy wherein the different companies from same fraternity come together to communicate their offerings. To make sense the ad agencies will offer platform to companies in same industry say IT/ MR/ Consultancy/ Auto etc,. and advertise their offerings.
In a B2B scenario when say, companies into Market Research and Consultancy can participate in the ad/ promotion/ also OOH advertising being in the same ad campaign.
Well this might sound impractical considering the fact these companies are competitors to each other. However, for an outdoor B2B platform where the cost is a factor and economies of scale is a sound good factor, ad agencies could woo them to get printed. Also the Nitti gritty can be argued and need to sort out...hence it’s a WIP plan as of now.
coming to the advantage of this would be definitely to do with cost cutting specially in times of crisis. I will explain by giving example …say a big MNC like HP who is into MR and business intelligence and needs to advertise frequently from the HR prospective and also to brand it best in this business, can find it hard to allocate big sum for advertisement. On the other side small company like Infiniti whose core business is MR/CI/BI finds it difficult to allocate budget to advertise itself which is also necessary to stay into the business. Now Cluster Branding would be the solution to it. How??
Bringing both the companies in the same print / outdoor ad platform where both will leverage in terms of cost and in terms of brand identity making their presence currently in the market. Small company will leverage its brand identity by getting associated with the big brand in the same business and big companies will reduce it cost of advertisement in the long run.

Friday, January 16, 2009

BIG B blogged down

Respected sir.....

To sir with Love : Its called Branding

sirji writes Source :http://bigb.bigadda.com/2009/page/2/

A couple of hours, a few damp smelling minutes of those under the English Channel, self mobile operated pictures, early morning French countryside and PARIS..!!
The Salon du Cinema team meets me at the entrance to Paris-Nord station and after an exchange of greetings and flowers and video and stills, out into the wet and cold Paris streets, chased by a huge group of women, who scream and shout and clap, making you wonder what it is that I may have done to receive such an enthusiastic welcome in a country that hardly knows who I am. But, Fouad my driver and sincere personal guide during all my recent visits to the city, gathers me quickly into his car and drives off. They are migrants or asylum seekers from nearby or distant country and are begging he informs me. My ego brought into place I am saddened by their plight. Conditions the world over are so similar. Perceptions differ, but the reality of life and existence, unchanged.
On blog, comments for the film ‘SlumDog Millionaire’ and the anger by some on its contents, prompt me to say the above. If SM projects India as Third World dirty under belly developing nation and causes pain and disgust among nationalists and patriots, let it be known that a murky under belly exists and thrives even in the most developed nations. Its just that the SM idea authored by an Indian and conceived and cinematically put together by a Westerner, gets creative Globe recognition. The other would perhaps not.
The commercial escapist world of Indian Cinema had vociferously battled for years , on the attention paid and the adulation given to the legendary Satyajit Ray at all the prestigious Film Festivals of the West, and not a word of appreciation for the entertaining mass oriented box office block busters that were being churned out from Mumbai. The argument. Ray portrayed reality. The other escapism, fantasy and incredulous posturing. Unimpressive for Cannes and Berlin and Venice. But look how rapidly all that is changing. Retrospectives in Paris and New York. Dedicated TV channels running Hindi cinema on prime timings. Premiers at Leiscester Square, the home of all Hollywood royalty, thronged by hundreds on the street in cold biting weather. Affable recognition at most corners of the universe… And a dear friend from Los Angeles wires in that Hollywood is abuzz with India and the phenomenal talent that exists there. We’re talking cinema still !
DAY 264, response 156, Pooja Srivastava Bannerjee, writes a long exhaustive capital led piece, dripping with sarcasm, undiluted cynicism, pride and arrogance on how their group of fans who visited the outdoor shooting of Abhishek in Orcha wilderness in Madhya Pradesh were denied a ’smile’ and a ‘wave’ from him ! They, who were the wives of Army personnel; personnel that laid down their lives for the nation. They, who bought tickets to our films so we could become who we are. They, that were the contributor to our riches and wealth. How dare, they, who have made us and who if they did not patronize us where we would be, be treated in this manner from Abhishek who, their commander informed was not the typical star but a well behaved individual.
I have given my response to said lady. Apologized on his behalf. Given a background to the lives of artistes and actors on set. Tried to explain the possible circumstances of the situation and left her with a pertinent query.
My endeavor in treating said incident with fairness and a semblance of democratic understanding, coerces me to put the matter up for the extended family to react, reject, advise, comment on it. Would you ?? Thank you.
‘Tis late now ! ‘Tis not so sweet as it was before..
Good Night and Namaskar
comments : http://bigb.bigadda.com/2009/01/12/day-264/#comment-268002

Hi Sir,
Well. I agree about your saying about “a murky under belly exists and thrives even in the most developed nations” however I don’t agree that the movie should not get Globe recognition since SM idea authored by an Indian and conceived and cinematically put together by a Westerner, gets creative. The other way as you have mentioned would perhaps not, of course and I am saying this not because I am not proud to be Indian or I doubt the credibility of incredible India! But at the same time one should not forgo the power of Marketing & Brand Building that the WEST had always maintained and the REST has always applauded as when required.Don’t you agree we are so proud to associate our self from whatever walks of life we come from, from whatever fraternity we belong we love to associate ourselves with the WEST?Again let me reiterate what actually making a point is that we welcome and we are so used to welcome foreigners to give us the certificate on whatever we have and whatever we do. Hence SM is not the exception as they have the power of money and marketing ability to gain recognition. They are BRANDED …HOLLYWOODI think we need to portray BOLLYWOOD in the same way as they do and focus on our talent and rather than getting angry on the content of $M coz it is true …..Where are our politically correct people…..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Satyam Hang will be Over

After reading Satyam Hangover: Implications on India's Brand IT in ET http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/Features/Brand_Equity/Satyam_Hangover_Implications_on_Indias_Brand_IT/articleshow/3975604.cms#write

An individual promoter cannot spoil the entire party ....exactly and why we are so concerned with the entire IT industry. Indians have a short lived memory.. what stays is the brand and the brand in the IT sector is not Satyam but the Brand INDIA which is promising and growing .
What has happen is an operational failure in Satyam, what should be remembered is the work which is to be delivered, the service export factor need to go on. Government and eligible officials need to ensure the job of nearly 55000 employees should not be taken. Whether it is Satyam or else who takeover the company should carry on the work...work that maters and the brand equity will be upheld.
I agree that the Big Three will take up the challenge to salvage Brand Indian IT.
As long the company serves the client better the show will go on.