Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ICE Price

Whats the price today? Rs 1000
Next month? Rs 899
Two month later? Rs 799
I dont wanna analyse further ....the payoff goes to the one who have patience here. What i want to say is hw much is the price its MELTS like ICE. It is visible mostly for electronic goods...(thx to Moore's Law) now it could be felt in other consumer goods too.
Ok Moore in next

Friday, March 7, 2008


This is always been my preferred topic ... many things had been said over again and you will get numerous links /websites appreciating the idea of the thing "BRAND"
Well, according to me that sells well makes a good brand .....ok in india atleast ....fine let me think again n i will come again with my idea ....and sometime when not selling also makes a very good brand how many Hugo Boss is selling everyday....there's the catch n argument.....

March 18, 08........

NANO market

Yesterday i indulged myself in a mild debate, "what will happen when NANO by TATA enter the market" We all were sure and had consensus on "something will happen :) " but were different in what is actually gonna happen.....

Is it the infrastructure will become de-structure..Is it the loss to other car company..Is the difficulty for the buyers to judgeon the color of the nano car..Or is it....Well anything ..

Now i think there will be the emergence of a new market in ..its the "NANO market". The departmental store wala close to my house will certainly have a Nano to flaunt.

With this Nanoism emerging...will again give rise to a new brand its not to the product (which by virtue of TATA it will enjoy) but the recognition would defenetely go to those who never thought of having a car...will get a tag of a proud car owner....Hey now pls compare "him" with BMW guy....but pls dont forget our "him" would squeeze through the BMWs on the same road......

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Discuss online offline Dude.... this is a new thingy i have come not again
Under this title we can gather our thought about anything

Reality CheckThe reality is....most of the time we are not in reality ...we dont want, dnt care attitude....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nothing else matters

Ya its a song..rock song......its true....nothing else matters except YOU.
iTS YOU who decides what would be the order of the day as a person, a friend, as a boyfriend/girlfriend/ brother/sis/ etc ....As a BOSS
Now that's the catch of this its not a about human senti-mental(al), psychology . Its about who you are and what you do where ever you are /what you doing in life....sounds high.....

Welcome to High way to high end :)