Sunday, November 21, 2010

CW ji…

I know it’s a history now … but I thought to bring the dead (topic) to life.

Post Dabaag, it was GWG …I don’t know it was meant to be a HIT or it hit the brand India! However, I believe India is bigger and no event should tarnish the image and the potential of the market as the MNC would see it. It’s part of the business.

Ok …I don’t know the real issue hovering around the CWG all I could gather from the past one month before the CWG launch from the media sources that its certainly gonna dent the brand India. The not so anticipated CWG for many including me was then became the most awaited block-buster topic at almost every corner of many offices, parking areas, the coffee shop, the bloggers lane and the joggers link (sorry pls swap the words). It’s working as detox. And the media covering every inch of it, making life worse for Mr. Kill Madi :P :S anyways you got it right.

But I don’t want to blame Mr. Killer you know…Why? Firstly, the matter of fact is that this guy Mr. Killer is doing the job, the job of spending big amount. So what if the roof was falling and bridge did collapse and treadmills were rented for some fancy numbers. The bigger picture was he was trying …let’s appreciate the guy Mr. Killers whose experience doesn’t allow him to do such jobs. And in public sector you learn things in hard ways…so CWG is/was in the learning process. If we really want to blame, we need to blame the system who appointed Mr. Killer for this job. Secondly, why there was no PPP (Public Private Partnership). Thirdly, why media was jumping around when the D day was nearing creating more panic and negativity. What were they doing a year ago? It should have helped the work to finish fast. Fourthly, there was heavy rain (as Ms Dikshit mentioned); the sky was falling kind stuff. And fifthly, there is certainly a sixth angle in it.

The real issue and the point I want to bring here is, this CWG is a tip of the iceberg of corruption; procrastinated work; the ‘chalta hai’ syndrome; the lousy project planning of government; the tut u mai mai; bla and blue . The CWG situation is present every day of my life, your life, Indian life - the corruption touches us every morning. Today its news for you, tomorrow you will become the news. The matter of fact is what the point of discussion when the system is so corrupted (am I right Mr. Raja). Ever since I had paid road tax, I still haven’t enjoyed much of good roads in Bangalore (and for your knowledge, the road tax in Bangalore is the highest in India). Even the road in Bihar and Jharkhand is better; please visit Jamshedpur to test it. The fact is the common wealth of man in India is never being utilized properly, and it is, and has become the way of our life and system. So why do we need to be so vocal about CWG? However, in the end, there was a happy ending - like a Karan Johar movie. There were balloons flying and A R Rehman rocked on the D day. So chill.

It’s only in days to come that we will find if the brand image of India gets a beating. The world had watched and is watching, but as they say ‘we shall overcome’. I mean we should, what you say Mr. Killer!

All the best … it happens only in ‘Incredible India’