Thursday, October 16, 2008

what TASTE better Branded or un Branded Aloo, Piyaanj, Mirchi

Did i say branded aloo (potato), piyaanj(Onion), mirchi (chilli)..........what the fish....
Actually the point here i was making is about consumer power, retail power, brand power. Logically can we brand vegetables (untill its preservative /processed - cames under CPG) . However it is getting branded under the roof of retail stores it reliance fresh, spencer, nilgiris, .... and we i follow the reverse power chain:
Consumer power <-------- retail power <--------- brand power

sorry...will add soon :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Brand mamta made amar

Na……….No I am not discussing about the killing field singur.
However, political branding is all we have seen all the while. It’s lean mean thin and is always here to stay in. Political rapture is not in the party brand but it’s the personality in the party which moves the brand image of the party. SP or TMC’s agenda who cares but the voice of mamta and amar maters in the market.

Branding in its most widely understood intelligence has always had a role to play in politics. It was the same apna lalooji who moved his party with his persona of nonchalant attitude is now moving the Indian Railways in the vertical limits of the profit. I wonder if anybody know /care about his party agenda but always look forward to his fund(a) he enjoys .

See I couldn’t resist myself from giving examples about Lalooji . I think he is the face of the modern politics Indian Railway sorry Politics have ever produced.
I wonder how many people remember the political party symbol in other word the Brand symbol of the party but we can relate with Singh, Modi, Mamta, Maya, Amma, Chiru, so on…… they are the heartthrob of the party. They are not the party people, of course they are not but they are more than the party.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter who is thinking about the progressive India or India progressing in the politically correct India. What matter is who’s line is it anyways which catches the imagination of the 2/3 rd of India and they decides whose gonna rule the PM/ CM chair.

Its about brand loyalty which pays royalty

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Brand per Brand

I happen to read an interesting article in the ET today. It had a curious title “ More Brand per Brand”.

I think it is creating market the MARKET. While technically we can say its bundling offer, which works and working well in India. We are very lazy people and want everything in one place so in this prospect it works to offer the double-edged sword.

Simple examples of brands extending into adjacent categories make complex dynamics in the mind of the buyer. Yes flip side has to be there but in a huge MARKET like India there is always a passenger for each bus.

I think its perfect to extend the product offering, also one should understand that the other brand is selling because of the original brand image and the original brand image is getting re-branded with new customers coming for that "new" offer and buys the original product in return (actually its the other way).

However the core competencies should not be diluted as this is the reason other products are getting sold not because it’s getting diluted but the original brand value is pushing the "new" products in the market making more n new customers to get in.

Taking the Crossword example , 70% sale of books and 30% from the rest I think it is a Retail concept which is catching up and yet to stay. As mentioned earlier people "Love all when you have all" in the same place.

I could find another example of TATA car showrooms /dealers name any in any city we find there not only car but the Accessories for car so you more in the total bill and get more margin and we don't have to go a special car Accessories shop if we don't want to. Also we getting the TATA value added services via the dealers. There are other examples.

Ok let me give some local example from a small town like Ranchi. Renowned Tailors in Ranchi enjoys the customer satisfaction benefits and have Clientele which includes top ministers and businessmen. These Tailors not only make pants and shirts over the counter but keep Textile for sale. Ya it works sometime. Here you will not only get better service instead you could get the best service.