Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The great Indian chamcha


The dark knight far away from the world of truth and self-respect, their lives a creature who destroys the ambition of hard working man and wears a unique line of clothing called “iYesSir”. He is a person who can pop up from the cubicle next to yours, he is very close to stupidity, and yet very far from honesty. He is none other than the ChamchaMan.
ChamchaMan leaves no stones un-turn when it comes to praising the Boss. His praises and suggestions are like fart which comes only when it is not wanted. He brings the “aaha” factor into the eyes of the Boss. He licks all the sauce of the Boss…oh so gross, yet you can do nothing about it. Can you!!!
ChamchaMan lives in a different layer of the atmosphere, called the scychosphere. ChamchaMan fly like a ball out of the boundary of anyone’s imagination, which is not part of any game but certainly jeopardize anybody’s game plan!
ChamchaMan is the conundrum of a logical mind, but solution to the market growth for Oil Company… well not literally. True to its spirit it has made well known politicians, managers, boss very successful, ofcourse we are party to the collateral damage. That is the level of commitment you require to be a sharpshooting ChamchaMan.

Pic source: cartoonstock.com
But my dear chamchas…oops friends, readers … how much bad it sounds and how much unacceptable chamcha-giri as a full time profession , but there is another side of the Great Indian Chamcha – the ChamchaMan also teaches us virtues of life and to the Indian society and perhaps to Earth and Jupiter…and these are:
ChamchaMan seeks no discrimination – irrespective of caste, creed, calories, sex, color or colorless, it simply knows oiling. ChamchaMan has no religion, he is a selfless follower of chamcha-giri.  ChamchaMan has no fear.
To become a doctor, lawyer, an engineer, scientist, one need degree but to to become a ChamchaMan there is no university and need no degree. But you can go to any degree of Chamchaism. It is sugar free, fat free, hence keep the consumers in good shape! Just like in every PC here is Intel Inside, similarly in every human there is a Chamcha Inside! …well almost.
The great Indian Chamcha is the original product of India, true follower of hash tag MakeInIndia campaign.
In the end I would like to extend my heartiest congratulation for this great initiative of running this blogging contest as The Great Indian Chamcha as a topic. Wow what a wonderful idea, only a great and iconic newspaper company can come out with such idea to bring likeminded Chamchas …sorry bloggers together. Truly appreciate your effort and time (of India) to read my grammatically error freaked blog! which I truly enjoyed writing it ….felt so wah wah for myself… I almost went in depression thinking that I could be a great chamcha if not a blogger.
Mom made beta, but chamchas made neta
Boss hai jo hamaari leeta, but chamchas hamesha deeta
This Blog is an entry to the The Great Indian Blogging Contest, as a part of the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015.”