Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yeah, again Gandhi is obsessing me...and the brand community...I was reading the ET today and a article strike me, was all about the Gandhi.... as a case for in point "Mont Blanc” is going the Gandhi way...however, the only difference is that there is ROI attached for every piece of 241 pen they are going to get sell.

LETS not deviate from the topic....I believe is there a whole new kind of marketing propaganda ushering in the market...call it trendsetter...atleast in India. Propaganda bcoz it is not tested (I believe)...and will it work....man it’s just a pen ... or leave it to self actualization.

From marketing prospective why not extend the human personalities into brand and do the Che Guevara way ...again there are fear of misuse and category killing effect....
I m also not sure how many of these 241 pens would react in the minds of the "the consumers" but one interesting point Mr. Tushar Gandhi made and was quoted in that ET (Brand Equity) article was and I quote again

"He would sell his autograph for Rs 5 which he gave to the khadi fund,” says Tushar Gandhi. Gandhi himself was well aware of his brand value.

Anyways, let the course of time decide how it sells … in a big market called India which is now in itself