Friday, November 28, 2008

GREEN room

Thanks for reviewing this message in e-form!

This would be the ubiquitous thanks giving sentence when we going through documents in the internet. And organizations are taking it very seriously so you need to take this write up and read this in e-form.

Be it a car manufacturing company or a IT company they are creating a alternate identity for their BRAND …the GREEN BRAND. This is not only an effort for looking for alternate energy or optimizing processes, I believe it will refresh their Brand as a alternate brand identity.
Well I perceives theirs lot of meaning in the word GREEN and the traffic on this road is leading to only prosperity for the future generation

G get
R resources
E energy
E efficient
N now

Get Resources Energy Efficient Now ….HOWZZAT

Get: companies preparing for the change , the way it operate to make it more energy efficient

Resources: the assets/ gadgets/ building/ servers/ products/ etc

Energy :) positive

Efficient: now here lies the challenge to make the above to the optimum /maximum level for better tomorrow

Now! (Enough of seminars)

Quick facts :
Brands need and some are communicating their social purpose investments. Only 40% of consumers around the world say they are aware of any company that actively supports a good cause, and only 33% are aware of a brand that actively support a good cause. In China, awareness of brands that actively support a good cause grew from 55% in 2007 to 68% this year, most likely because of the recent Olympic Games.

Consumers say that if two products are of the same quality and price, commitment to a social purpose (42%) trumps factors like design/innovation (30%) and brand loyalty (27%) when choosing one brand over the other.

Half (52%) of consumers globally are more likely to recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that does not, and 54% would help a brand promote a product if there was a good cause behind it
India is also anticipating Green drive by big companies in all forms ….IT companies are banking on the Green datacenters /optimization of resources ..Banks are welcoming the e-formats and reduction of paper works… Car / bike companies are making engines more fuel efficient…
I feel its CSR in its green form and this making waves in its Brand image …
It is realized that consumers would remain loyal to a brand during a recession if it supports a good cause. Well! A person like me will support brand which is advertising for causes like Green and save the earth ….and I am sure there is market for people like me.

It is also seen people in all level and walks of life supporting green phenomenon...I have a quick example of and yes
No one can deny the fact that nearness to nature makes person feels very calm and relaxed.

There are many companies across the world that supports social causes in different ways and they are getting the benefits and consumer attentions. Few are mentioned:

1. innocent drinks "The Big Knit" –
“The Big Knit” has raised more than £370,000 in support of older people in the U.K. who struggle through the cold of winter, an estimated 25,000 of whom die from cold weather-related causes. Proceeds from the sale of special wool-hatted bottles of innocent drinks go to Age Concern, an organization that provides hot meals, room thermometers, warm blankets, safety checking electric blankets, and advice on how to handle rising energy costs.
2. American Express Members Project
Amex re-launched the program (started in 2007) with the aim to fund programs that will have a positive impact in the world with $2.5 million dollars. The year-one votes were tallied and the winning causes were: 1st - Alzheimers Early Detection, 2nd - Help 100,000 Children Thrive in the Classroom, 3rd - Loans that Change Lives.
3. Yamamay –
Yamamay an Italian underwear brand launched their Yamazonia line by creating a special jute bag to be sold through Yamamay retailers. The proceeds from bag sales go to save the Brazilian Rainforest. The project was linked to the S/S 2008 underwear and beachwear collection inspired by Brazil.

4. The Times of India –
The “Teach India” campaign, organized by the Times of India in conjunction with the UN Volunteers Program, corporate partners and NGOs across India, has attracted 55,000 volunteer teachers – most of them people who give their leisure time to teach underprivileged children. The big brilliant idea is simply that just two hours a week can change a child’s future.

5. Marie Claire –
Marie Claire launched “La Rose Marie Claire” in France promoting education for girls. The campaign ran to coincide with the International Day for Women’s Rights. The campaign raised money to benefit “toutes a l’ecole” which builds schools in Cambodia and “a glance, a child” which awards scholarships.

6. Kiva - Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. The website aims to help real people make strides towards economic independence and improve their own lives and communities.
7. CauseCast - CauseCast is "a one stop philanthropy shop" by TechCrunch where media, philanthropy, social networking, entertainment and education converge to serve a greater purpose. CauseCast enables people who want to do good, want to be inspired, and want to inspire others to connect with kindred spirits, leaders, nonprofit organizations, and brands that inspire them.
8. Google Maps - Google and Brazil's indigenous Surui people have taken mutual social responsibility for preserving threatened rainforest. Surui tribespeople, trained in IT with the help of non-profit Amazon Conservation Team, use sat-nav and Google Maps to record and report illegal mining operations in their territory.

9. Xbox 360 - Game design features for the first time in this year's Microsoft Imagine Cup, a technology design competition where students help address social issues with innovations in software, graphics and more. Competitors in the Xbox Games for Change Challenge can win the chance to have their games (which must feature a message about creating a sustainable environment) made available as downloads in the Xbox LIVE Arcade service or MSN Games.

10. Starbucks - In partnership with the RED campaign, starting November 27, every time you buy a special (STARBUCKS) RED product, a contribution will be made to the Global Fund, to help save lives in Africa.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Man is a Virtual Animal

We human beings are a social and animal sometime...was and will be...if not they we not man may b superman....the point i want to make is now with the pro advent of technology we have different ways of socializing ...however it is not restricted to being connected , its about we are now exposed to communication of all it sharing it sending sos to the community around us...creating a platform and sense of awareness by being the first or the last person.

At the micro level:

as a busy office going person we hardly get time to know our neighbor next door (if thr are boring persons around..and in case of we see good chic/ chiken i might make wrong assumptions) . More over we have friends, school, college friends far away from our reach so we wonder hw should we connect them...and now we have facebook to ibibo, ryze....etc etc so we are vertually connecting ourself and letting our friends and thr friends hw we are doin...hw cool am i and all other crap/ not so crap/ etc

At the macro level:

we are comming close to each other without being close. thanks to the virtual networking sites.
what i understand from the brand perspective ...we are making our presence from a network which has stong "clickfalls" like the retail footfalls and directly or indirectly getting part of the network brand.

Companies are also sensing the importance such social behavorial aspects and are entering into the next level of marketing '''"the viral marketing" inter network marketing.... i feel consumer behave the way want to behave physically and these virtual platforms will the , if not best ..a way to judge the personal orientation of a person ...his desires ...his virtual social connections , communities he/she is in ..will make a marketing judgements easy and it will gonna help the marketers to wooo consumers with stuffs...they like ...

The next time we log in the sites think we log-in the brand


Thursday, October 16, 2008

what TASTE better Branded or un Branded Aloo, Piyaanj, Mirchi

Did i say branded aloo (potato), piyaanj(Onion), mirchi (chilli)..........what the fish....
Actually the point here i was making is about consumer power, retail power, brand power. Logically can we brand vegetables (untill its preservative /processed - cames under CPG) . However it is getting branded under the roof of retail stores it reliance fresh, spencer, nilgiris, .... and we i follow the reverse power chain:
Consumer power <-------- retail power <--------- brand power

sorry...will add soon :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Brand mamta made amar

Na……….No I am not discussing about the killing field singur.
However, political branding is all we have seen all the while. It’s lean mean thin and is always here to stay in. Political rapture is not in the party brand but it’s the personality in the party which moves the brand image of the party. SP or TMC’s agenda who cares but the voice of mamta and amar maters in the market.

Branding in its most widely understood intelligence has always had a role to play in politics. It was the same apna lalooji who moved his party with his persona of nonchalant attitude is now moving the Indian Railways in the vertical limits of the profit. I wonder if anybody know /care about his party agenda but always look forward to his fund(a) he enjoys .

See I couldn’t resist myself from giving examples about Lalooji . I think he is the face of the modern politics Indian Railway sorry Politics have ever produced.
I wonder how many people remember the political party symbol in other word the Brand symbol of the party but we can relate with Singh, Modi, Mamta, Maya, Amma, Chiru, so on…… they are the heartthrob of the party. They are not the party people, of course they are not but they are more than the party.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter who is thinking about the progressive India or India progressing in the politically correct India. What matter is who’s line is it anyways which catches the imagination of the 2/3 rd of India and they decides whose gonna rule the PM/ CM chair.

Its about brand loyalty which pays royalty

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Brand per Brand

I happen to read an interesting article in the ET today. It had a curious title “ More Brand per Brand”.

I think it is creating market the MARKET. While technically we can say its bundling offer, which works and working well in India. We are very lazy people and want everything in one place so in this prospect it works to offer the double-edged sword.

Simple examples of brands extending into adjacent categories make complex dynamics in the mind of the buyer. Yes flip side has to be there but in a huge MARKET like India there is always a passenger for each bus.

I think its perfect to extend the product offering, also one should understand that the other brand is selling because of the original brand image and the original brand image is getting re-branded with new customers coming for that "new" offer and buys the original product in return (actually its the other way).

However the core competencies should not be diluted as this is the reason other products are getting sold not because it’s getting diluted but the original brand value is pushing the "new" products in the market making more n new customers to get in.

Taking the Crossword example , 70% sale of books and 30% from the rest I think it is a Retail concept which is catching up and yet to stay. As mentioned earlier people "Love all when you have all" in the same place.

I could find another example of TATA car showrooms /dealers name any in any city we find there not only car but the Accessories for car so you more in the total bill and get more margin and we don't have to go a special car Accessories shop if we don't want to. Also we getting the TATA value added services via the dealers. There are other examples.

Ok let me give some local example from a small town like Ranchi. Renowned Tailors in Ranchi enjoys the customer satisfaction benefits and have Clientele which includes top ministers and businessmen. These Tailors not only make pants and shirts over the counter but keep Textile for sale. Ya it works sometime. Here you will not only get better service instead you could get the best service.

Friday, July 4, 2008

"MASSTIGE is in"

aaha.....pls ask the CMO who is taking all the risk . Fuel price boom, inflation boom, cost cutting measures boom, austerity measures boom but Masstization will create its own boom...and ask Mr Michael Silverstein he will back all the CMOs to go for Indian market and the aspirational taste of the people of India(not every on ofcourse).
Say it an irony but premium brands are here to stay ....Porsche Boxter, Mercedes Class C, BMW , Bath & Body Works, Victory’s Secret,Red Bull, Kendall Jackson, Godiva, Jimmy Choo ......

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ICE Price

Whats the price today? Rs 1000
Next month? Rs 899
Two month later? Rs 799
I dont wanna analyse further ....the payoff goes to the one who have patience here. What i want to say is hw much is the price its MELTS like ICE. It is visible mostly for electronic goods...(thx to Moore's Law) now it could be felt in other consumer goods too.
Ok Moore in next

Friday, March 7, 2008


This is always been my preferred topic ... many things had been said over again and you will get numerous links /websites appreciating the idea of the thing "BRAND"
Well, according to me that sells well makes a good brand .....ok in india atleast ....fine let me think again n i will come again with my idea ....and sometime when not selling also makes a very good brand how many Hugo Boss is selling everyday....there's the catch n argument.....

March 18, 08........

NANO market

Yesterday i indulged myself in a mild debate, "what will happen when NANO by TATA enter the market" We all were sure and had consensus on "something will happen :) " but were different in what is actually gonna happen.....

Is it the infrastructure will become de-structure..Is it the loss to other car company..Is the difficulty for the buyers to judgeon the color of the nano car..Or is it....Well anything ..

Now i think there will be the emergence of a new market in ..its the "NANO market". The departmental store wala close to my house will certainly have a Nano to flaunt.

With this Nanoism emerging...will again give rise to a new brand its not to the product (which by virtue of TATA it will enjoy) but the recognition would defenetely go to those who never thought of having a car...will get a tag of a proud car owner....Hey now pls compare "him" with BMW guy....but pls dont forget our "him" would squeeze through the BMWs on the same road......

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Discuss online offline Dude.... this is a new thingy i have come not again
Under this title we can gather our thought about anything

Reality CheckThe reality is....most of the time we are not in reality ...we dont want, dnt care attitude....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nothing else matters

Ya its a song..rock song......its true....nothing else matters except YOU.
iTS YOU who decides what would be the order of the day as a person, a friend, as a boyfriend/girlfriend/ brother/sis/ etc ....As a BOSS
Now that's the catch of this its not a about human senti-mental(al), psychology . Its about who you are and what you do where ever you are /what you doing in life....sounds high.....

Welcome to High way to high end :)